About Us

We have always had the passion, of that there is no doubt; with regards to a game plan, well that’s a different story. We followed our hearts and delved deep into renovating buildings, not knowing where it would take us. One building project turned into two, then three and slowly but surely the D.R.D. portfolio came to be.

We believe that each of our buildings has it’s own unique story to tell. We are hugely passionate about the buildings we work on and strive for excellence in every project with the necessary attention to design and architecture. We regard ourselves as being innovative and different. We jump at the chance to renovate sites that other developers shy away from because of their complexities of development or their historic value.

D.R.D. has a passion for the old and neglected as can be seen in our two flagship developments in West Bromwich and Handsworth but, at the same time truely believe that modern and contemporary designs have a place in their own right. We pride ourselves on being able to complement the old with the new.

Our goal is to bring the forgotten into the limelight!

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